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4 Smart Tips On Selecting Your Next Air Conditioning Unit

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It had to happen eventually. Your old air conditioner has finally gone out. Or perhaps you’re a bit ahead of the game and looking for a sensible new air conditioning unit before your old one leaves you too hot when it matters most. Either way, choosing a new air conditioning unit isn’t a decision to take lightly.

Before making the large financial decision of investing in a new air conditioner, make sure you’re doing everything right to get the best unit for your needs. Remember, there are almost certainly better choices now than what you had before. Consider these factors:

  • 1 Energy efficiency is a top consideration. Any new air conditioner will be more efficient than your old one. In most cases, the best idea for central HVAC systems is to replace the air handler and the condenser at the same time. Since they work together, you won’t get maximum efficiency if you replace them separately. New units have a minimum 14 SEER, but they may have a rating of 15 to 21 SEER.
  • 2 Bigger isn’t necessarily better. A lot of people think that a bigger air conditioner is always superior to a smaller one, but that’s not the case. A system that’s too big will cool your home so quickly that it constantly turns on and off, raising your electric bill and not running long enough to effectively reduce humidity – and therefore increase overall comfort – in your home. The correct sizing of a unit involves your home’s square footage plus cooling load. This load includes things like the size of your windows and how much insulation you have.
  • 3 Cost involves more than just the price. While the perfect system for your home may seem too expensive, keep in mind that the increase in efficiency you achieve may save you money every month and therefore have a good impact on your budget rather than a bad one. Also, a new air conditioner can add considerable value to your home if you plan to sell within a few years. Updating or adding ductwork is also a big expense in some cases, but what you gain in effectiveness and efficiency is often worth the price.
  • 4 The HVAC company matters. When dealing with a major purchase like an air conditioning unit, it’s a sensible idea to get several bids. But don’t just consider the bottom line. You must ask yourself some questions about the company to determine if it’s the right one for you, including:

You don’t want someone who charges premium prices and doesn’t deliver premium-quality products and installation. You also don’t want a discount HVAC company that focuses so much on low prices that cutting corners is part of its business plan.

For excellence in new air conditioner installation and the service you need to keep your unit running well for years to come, we’re here for you. Don’t trust just anyone. Instead, contact us for a quote – and let us prove to you why we want and deserve your HVAC business.

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