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7 Reasons You’ll Be Saying “My Energy Bill Is Abnormally High!”

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If your energy bill is abnormally high, there’s a very good chance your HVAC system is to blame. A modern, well-functioning system is more efficient than ever before, but a lot of things can go wrong with systems of all ages.

Here are 7 reasons your energy bill might be too high because of your HVAC system:

  • 1 The filter is dirty. Debris can build up in the filter if you don’t replace it frequently. Once enough dust and dirt builds up, airflow is restricted, causing the unit to take longer to heat or cool your home, resulting in increased running time, high bills and stress on the compressor and motors.
  • 2 Your system has leaking ductwork. Ductwork distributes air through your house, and it plays an important role in the efficiency of your system. When your ducts leak – from separations due to age, damage due to construction or small cracks – air doesn’t properly reach your thermostat, and your system may run when it doesn’t need to. Consider duct repairs as well as professional duct sealing to close small holes and seams.
  • 3 A part is failing. A high electric bill is a common result when a motor, capacitor or the compressor is failing. A failing part results in less air production, meaning the system becomes less and less efficient over time. A condenser motor failure, for example, can lead to a system that runs longer than usually necessary to satisfy the thermostat setting. Eventually, the system will fail altogether.
  • 4 The refrigerant is low. An HVAC system doesn’t perform well if refrigerant is low. This usually happens because of a leak, which can be anywhere in the system of coils and lines that transfer the refrigerant throughout the machine. Professional service is required to locate and repair the leak or replace the leaky unit.
  • 5 There has been improper maintenance. Life gets busy, and we sometimes forget to have regular HVAC maintenance performed. Some disreputable companies may not do it well either. A technician with the right tools and equipment can determine the condition of your air conditioner and heater and work to optimize its performance – saving you on your electric bill.
  • 6 The system is past its prime. While it might not cause a sudden spike in your electric bill, a system that’s old will not be as efficient as today’s modern HVAC systems. At one time, a SEER or efficiency rating of 10 was common; now 14 to 21 SEER units are available.
  • 7 The unit is the wrong size. If you’ve recently had an HVAC system installed and your bill is unexpectedly high, it’s an indication that either the unit was installed wrong or the unit is the wrong size. Bigger isn’t better – because an oversized system turns on and off more often than it should, costing you more in utility bills.

If you have recently experienced an abnormally high utility bill, there’s a good chance your HVAC system is to blame. Our technicians can tell you for sure. Only a professional heating and air conditioning technician can get you a definitive answer and formulate the right solution for you and your home.

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