Background Checked and Drug Tested

We make sure our employees at Xtreme Air Services pass background checks and drug tests. We only hire the best workers – then we train them to an even higher standard.

Licensed, Registered, Insured Workers

Each of our HVAC technicians is fully registered, licensed and carries general liability and workers compensation insurance. We’re certified refrigerant handlers too.

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20-Point Inspection

An Xtreme Air Services technician will perform a comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and testing of your HVAC system. Our skilled AC technicians are licensed, registered, insured, and we stand behind their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Prevent Breakdowns

Poorly maintained air conditioners experience far more common and easily preventable problems than well-maintained systems. One of the best things you can do to prepare for summer is giving your air conditioner an inspection and tune-up.

Increased Longevity

A well-maintained air conditioner can last much longer than the typical life span of 10 to 15 years, while a poorly maintained system will fail sooner. Annual tune-ups help prevent problems and ensure your system operates at peak performance.

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AC Tune Up Service and Maintenance For The Entire DFW Metroplex and Surrounding Area.

Every hot summer season, when the temperatures soar, there is no greater pleasure than to head inside for some cool, comfortable air conditioning. More than just a box that sits outside your home, an air conditioning system typically consists of indoor and outdoor units and many internal parts. Like your vehicle, it can run more effectively and reliably with regular upkeep. A service plan is fundamental to your home upkeep.

Why Is An AC Tune Up Service Plan Important?

A poorly maintained air conditioning system can lead to increased monthly utility bills, costly repairs, and premature system failure.

Avoiding costly repairs and premature system failure, resulting in a loss of air conditioning, can be accomplished with regular maintenance for your air conditioning system. Routine maintenance for your systems is crucial. People who do not realize this are frequently those whose systems suddenly break down, leaving them without air conditioning during the most inopportune times.

The return on your investment can be substantial for the small amount of money it costs to set up a professional inspection. Besides avoiding unforeseen breakdowns, regular maintenance is essential for helping your unit recuperate lost effectiveness, run more safely, increase the unit’s general lifespan, enhance your comfort level, and minimize your operating expenses. Ideally, your cooling system must be inspected at least once a year. That’s why a regular service plan is recommended by the manufactures

Ensure your system will run at maximum effectiveness all year. Call today at (972) 288-2263 for a reasonable quote.

AC Tune Up Service

How To Know When It’s Time For An Inspection?

Homeowners should be on a bi-annual service and maintenance plan. But if you are not, here are a few signs that would indicate it’s time to call Xtreme Air.

  • You discover a reduced airflow.
  • The air in your house or service feels stale or dirty.
  • It feels or smells damp inside.
  • Your air conditioning system can’t keep up with the exterior temperature.
  • Your energy bill is higher than usual.
  • If you discover any of these, you are probably due to schedule an inspection. When you call we’ll immediately send out a tech.

What’s Included?

Trained technicians will perform a 60-90 minute tune-up and professional cleaning, including the following 26 procedures:

  • Blower Motor – measure amperage and voltage for proper operation
  • Thermostat – test for proper operation, calibrate, and level
  • Cleaning existing air filter (as needed)
  • Bearing – inspect for wear and lubricate
  • Inspect indoor coil if accessible
  • Confirm proper return air and size
  • Inspect Condenser Coil
  • Refrigerate – monitor operating pressures
  • Safety Devices – inspect for proper operation
  • Electrical Disconnect Box – inspect for proper rating and safe installation
  • Electrical Wiring – inspect and tighten connections
  • Test/inspect contactors for burned, pitted contacts
  • Inspect electrical for exposed wiring
  • Inspect and test capacitors
  • Inspect fan blade
  • Clean condenser coil and remove debris
  • Inspect service valves for proper operation
  • Measure Supply/Return temperature differential
  • Inspect ductwork for energy loss
  • Compressor – monitor, measure amperage and volt draw and wiring connections
  • Check Unit for Time Delay Relay
  • Check Unit for Isolation Pads
  • Inspect suction line for proper fittings
  • Inspect all fittings for signs of oil and leakage
  • Check lines and fittings with refrigerant leak detector
  • Check the condition of the Blower Belt, if applicable

There are numerous reasons Why The Metroplex Choose Xtreme

Each company representative undergoes comprehensive and continual training to be up-to-date on all industry developments and strategies.

We utilize only the most efficient modern technology and industry-leading tools for each service, replacement, and tune-up we perform.

Our team is constantly considerate are arrives promptly to every visit.

We provide practical information and pointers while finishing our services to guarantee you get the most out of your AC system.

 We are fully prepared to answer any questions and solve any problems or issues you might have. Our prices, including your a/c tune-up cost, are very reasonable and never over-priced.

We provide a 100% client satisfaction warranty.

How much does ac maintenance cost?

The cost of an air conditioning tune-up will depend on the equipment’s size, the cost of replacement parts, and whether the system has freon.

A well-maintained air conditioning system can be more cost-effective than a system that is not well-maintained, We are committed to making your air conditioner and heating solutions as cost-effective as possible. We don’t want anyone to experience a broken down or ineffective air conditioning system in the warm Texas heat.

That’s why, in addition to our excellent services, we are happy to provide convenient HVAC funding options and special discount rates to assist our clients in saving money while receiving the best cooling and heating solution.

You don’t have to be an HVAC expert .Follow these tips to keep your system running well and catch problems before they become costly.

We provide AC Tune-up Service in every city in the DFW Metroplex, including Addison, Allen, Balch Springs, Crandall, Dallas, Ferris, Forney, Frisco, Garland, Heartland, Heath, Highland Park, Hutchins, Irving, Lake Highlands, Lucas, McKinney, Mesquite, Murphy, Parker, Plano, Richardson, Rockwall, Rowlett, Royse City, Sachse, Seagoville, Sunnyvale, Talty, Terrell, University Park, Wylie.