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Common Toilet Issues & How to Avoid Them


If your reading this I’m sure it’s not part of your intense summer reading collection, but probably because you are having some toilet issues at home, or maybe just some questions you need answered. Are we right? Of course, we are – why else would you come to our lovely collection of blogs on such a beautiful day – nevertheless we are here to lend a helping hand (PS we also love that you are here)!

The toilet seems like a pretty convenient place to throw some waste in it, hit the switch and “poof” it’s gone forever. . but this does not always happen – And when it doesn’t happen you will need a plumber. Let’s start with some of the basics of what you should not flush down your toilet; feminine products, (cleaning) wipes, cotton balls, condoms, dental floss, medication, gum, or even your dearly departed pet fish named “Franky”. Just because some of these items flush with ease today doesn’t mean they will tomorrow. Things like cotton balls, feminine products, and other items can bulk up and build up in your pipes overtime. These products we have mentioned above, (and many others that are not listed) unfortunately do not break down the same as your normal toilet paper. Your toilet is not a trash can – Remember that flushing items such as these can cause clogs, environmental damages, and have toxic effects on both our water supply and wildlife.

Another common toilet issue you could be having is – Hard Water. Hard water is defined as unfiltered water that is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. Hard water is not a health risk, but more of a nuisance because of mineral buildup on fixtures and poor soap and/or detergent performance. Not having a filtration system in your home, can cause heavy calcium build-up in your toilet tank and the flushing jets that direct water from under the rim down into the bowl. Overtime this mineral build-up can cause issues with your toilet not releasing the proper amount of water during a flush. To prevent this issue a filtration system or softener would need to be installed properly by a licensed plumber in your home.

Wax Rings – If you’ve noticed water on the floor near your toilet or your vinyl is buckling (or carpet is stained) these may be signs that your toilet will need to be properly re-sealed with a new wax ring. All plumbing fixtures require some type of seal to prevent water from leaking, your toilet uses a thick wax ring as a gasket between its base and the connecting flange in the floor to ensure the water and sewer gas stays contained in the waste system. The pressure of the toilet base expands the moldable wax ring until it forms a watertight seal. Because the wax is soft and malleable, these seals can occasionally fail, which means you need a quick replacement to prevent major water damage. Replacing a toilet wax ring is something most do-it-yourselfers can accomplish on their own but it’s important to consider the potential damage that can happen from improper installation.

Lastly, Bleach Tablets – Sure it’s nice to have fresh clean blue water using those cute “toilet cleaning tabs” … However, it could cause damage to the rubber gaskets and seals in your toilet tank. The chemicals in these cleaning products are caustic and deteriorate materials that keep your toilet running smoothly. Bleach tablets can slowly cause damage to the rubber seals inside your toilet, causing unexpected leaks and completely avoidable repair bills. So how are you supposed to clean your toilet? We suggest using in bowl tablets or cleaners to avoid exposing the rubber and plastic parts of your toilet to these chemicals. While it might not be as convenient as the tank drop in cleaners it will save you time and money in the long run.

There are multiple reasons we could continue to list and explain on toilet issues, but these are some of the common ones. Think before you act, and remember your toilet is not a trash can – So don’t be a “happy flusher”, be a smart one! The toilet is a sensitive home appliance that goes deeper than the eye can see, with drains and pipes going throughout your entire home. If you’re already experiencing issues with your toilet, call Xtreme Air Services to come and take a look. We will send one of our licensed plumbers to look at your toilets and provide expert recommendations on the best path to proceed.

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