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Help! My AC Unit Is Running But It’s Not Cooling the House


You hear it running, so you assume everything is OK. Then you realize your HVAC system is blowing air, but it isn’t really cooling your house. Maybe the air is lukewarm or even hot. What should you do?

There are many things that could cause an AC unit to not properly cool your home. Some of them are easy to fix – and others require professional assistance.

AC Cooling Problems You Can Fix

Here are some AC problems that you can fix yourself – and save the cost of having an HVAC tech come out and look at your system: (Just remember that you need to have your HVAC system checked twice a year to keep it running great anyway.)

Your thermostat is set to ON instead of AUTO. When your system is set to ON, it blows air whether the AC compressor is on or not – 24/7. This is inefficient and useless, in most cases. Change the thermostat setting to AUTO and the air should be cool every time you feel or hear it blowing. If it isn’t, you need professional service.

The air filter is dirty. A dirty filter causes reduced airflow, and that means your system must struggle to circulate cool air, meaning you get hot and your system wastes energy. This can also cause the evaporator coils – the part that does the actually cooling – to freeze up and turn into a block of ice that prevents air from flowing through the system. Check and change or clean the filter, then allow several hours for the unit to thaw out, if it’s frozen up. If this doesn’t work, professional service and cleaning are needed.

The outside unit is dirty. Your AC system works by collecting hot air inside your home (at the evaporator) and transferring the heat outside to the condenser. But when the outside unit is dirty or crowed with leaves and other debris, it can’t dissipate the heat. This means the unit struggles to keep your home cool. To resolve the problem, clean the outside unit as thoroughly as possible. A garden hose on a low setting can help you get it clean. Clear away weeds too.

AC Problems Best Left To Experts

Some things you probably can’t fix yourself. If you can’t determine the cause of your AC unit working but not cooling the house, it could be one of these things that will require the intervention of an HVAC technician:

We’re here for you when your HVAC system malfunctions. If your AC unit is working but not very well, you can check some things yourself. But you don’t have to. Whether your problem turns out to be serious or not, we’ll diagnose the issue and put things right. It’s what we do.

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