Background Checked and Drug Tested

We make sure our employees at Xtreme Air Services pass background checks and drug tests. We only hire the best workers – then we train them to an even higher standard.

Licensed, Registered, Insured Workers

Each of our HVAC technicians is fully registered, licensed and carries general liability and workers compensation insurance. We’re certified refrigerant handlers too.

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Plumbing Service in Rockwall, TX

Licensed Commercial & Residential Plumber in Rockwall

From the installation of a simple new fixture to the repair of a massive slab leak or broken pipe, there’s no better place to turn for plumbing service Rockwall residents and business owners like you can trust than Xtreme Air Services. We’re the smart and sensible choice for jobs like yours. That’s because we can handle tankless water heater installations, clogged drain clearing, leaks and much more. No plumbing job in the Dallas area is too large or too small for us to handle.

Contact us now to learn why so many people in Rockwall and elsewhere are choosing Xtreme Air Services when they need a dependable expert plumber. We’re recognized throughout the area for speed and reliability, and that means we can get things back on track for you quickly.

We provide plumbing services that include:

  • complimentary quotes on rough-ins and larger jobs
  • complimentary second opinions
  • quick and accurate assessment of all problems
  • affordable repairs and installations
  • the best parts on the market
  • and so much more.

Just as important to you as our commitment to doing quality work is our commitment throughout the organization to professionalism and courtesy. That extends from every telephone receptionist to every plumber and beyond. We also make sure we don’t do any unnecessary damage to your home by sending out only the best plumbers.

These additional promises are also part of our commitment:

As a full-service plumbing company in Rockwall, we can offer the widest possible array of plumbing services. This means we can offer:

  • Plumbers are pros who are trained, licensed and insured.
  • Building permits are taken out when necessary.
  • We use the best parts, not seconds or inferiors.
  • We take credit card payments without hassles or fees.

We’ve been working with great people like you in Rockwall and understand completely the importance of doing what we say we’ll do at the time we say we’ll do it. That’s how we provide plumbing services Rockwall residents and business owners turn to again and again.

Can we meet your need today? There’s no reason to wait to get the service you need.

Get the ball rolling by telephoning (972) 288-2263 or completing the simple and quick online form we provide. No matter how you make the connection with us, we’ll take care of your residential or commercial plumbing service needs as quickly as possible and help you get things back like they should be. And when we at Xtreme Air Services make an assurance like that, you can trust us.

Our Plumbing Services

Drain Cleaning

In addition to having experienced plumbers who know where to look for drain clogs, we have the right equipment and machines to find and clear any kind of clog. With everything at our command, we can make quick work of your drain problems so you can get on with what matters most to you.

Drains clog over time, and it’s no one’s fault. Hair, grease, food debris and other solids can clog drains when they don’t completely wash away. Once you notice a slow or clogged drain, it won’t get better until action is taken. We can clean kitchen drains, bathroom drains and more. Depend on us for professional basement and utility room drain cleaning and outdoor drain cleaning as well. Each of these requires a different approach, and we’ll arrive prepared to do whatever is necessary to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Why not contact us now for the drain cleaning services you need at an affordable price? We’ll provide professional service from the moment you contact us and work to put things right as quickly as possible. The help you need will soon be on its way when you contact us today.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Depend on us for quick service that will restore full function faster than you ever imagined possible – and we’ll make sure we do as little damage to your yard as possible too.

  • Our sewer line repair and replacement services are the right choice if you experience problems like:
    a cracked, broken, collapsed or offset pipe caused by shifting ground, freezing, settling or any other event
  • a blockage caused by grease, foreign objects or other matter that restricts the flow of the pipe and makes traditional sewer pipe cleaning impossible
    corrosion because of deterioration related to age, bad materials or other reasons
  • a section of sunken pipe that causes a collection of paper, waste or other debris inside the line that doesn’t clear properly
  • leaking pipe joints caused by broken seals that allow the water to escape where it shouldn’t
  • roots in the sewer line
  • and more.

Simply contact us for professional service now. We’ll come to you fully equipped to make necessary repairs so you can quickly get on with what matters to you. Please call now, because your problem will only get worse if you wait.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

We’re here for you when you need water heater repair and installation. And we’ll take care of your job quickly so you don’t have to worry. We provide professional services by skilled plumbers at fair prices. Emergency service is available when necessary.

If it’s time to replace your water heater, depend on us at Xtreme Air Services to help you decide on the right kind of water heater and install it right. We’ll take your budget, your usage and other factors into consideration and help you choose between:

  • a traditional water heater with a storage tank, which is inexpensive to purchase and provides an adequate hot water supply for any kind of home or businesses and can last 10 years or more
  • a tankless water heater that’s more energy efficient, makes hot water only when needed, can reduce water heating bills by up to 30 percent and can last up to 20 years, or
  • a modern alternative water heater, like a solar-powered water heater.

Whatever your choice, we’ll meet your needs and exceed your expectations in installing it. Nothing means more to us than satisfying our clients, but we can’t help if you don’t contact us. Why not contact us now?

Kitchen Line Repair

Turn to us for all your plumbing needs, including kitchen line repair. If you’ve noticed a leak, we’re the team of experts who can put things right for you – quicker than you ever thought possible.

Whether you have a broken line leading into your kitchen or a broken water line under the sink, we know how important it is to make a quick and accurate repair. No water outlet is used more than the kitchen sink. And no team has more experience in kitchen leak repairs than ours at Xtreme Air Services.

We also repair leaky faucets, dishwashers that don’t drain, clogged garbage disposals and other kitchen plumbing problems. We’re general plumbers with experience and expertise in every kind of plumbing repair.

If you have a water leak of any kind, please don’t delay calling us. The problem can’t get better on its own. Instead, contact us right away. From the first person you speak with to the plumber who handles your repairs, you’ll always be treated with courtesy, respect and professionalism. Avoid waiting any longer and contact us now. You’ll be glad you did.

Slab Leak Detection

If you hear running water when all water is turned off, notice a hot spot on the floor or see cracks or mildew in walls and flooring, you may have a slab leak. A high water bill is also a sign of a slab leak.

But you don’t want any plumbing repair company breaking into your slab hoping to locate a leak. It’s possible to locate leaks non-destructively with modern tools like electromagnetic pipe locators and electronic amplification equipment. With these devices and others, leaks can be located with minimal destruction or disruption. In the hands of skilled technicians, these devices can do an amazing job.

Once located, your slab leak repair options, include:

  • spot repair, where only a small spot in the slab is opened up and the repair is made
  • repiping or rerouting to replace and entire leaking line in an older property with a history of leaks
  • epoxy pipe coating to fix small leaks in multiple locations when spot repairs would be too numerous, expensive and disruptive
  • and more.

No matter the nature of the leak, there’s always a good repair option. Contact us now and let us handle your slab leak detection and repair.

What Our Clients in Rockwall Say About Us?

See What Your Neighbors are Saying About Their Recent Experience with Our Company in Your Community
I had been under contract with another AC/Plumbing company for 8 years which included spring and winter service…when I called for my spring service I was told they were “booked up for 2 months”!!! I cancelled that contract and started my search for a new AC company.I had received a Value Pack which included a special offer from XTreme Air. I called and explained I have one Trane unit which still uses Freon and the other unit uses the newer EPA approved refrigerant. All I needed was to have my filters changed in one unit and clean the filter cartridge in the Trane.Nick was out the very next day and performed exactly what I had asked him to do and he also checked the units outside. He had me come out to see the meter readings and found a large capacitor in the Trane unit was completely dead and would need to be replaced…the part was ordered and today Nick was here promptly at 9 AM to replace that part.I also found out from Nick during his first visit that Xtreme Air performs several other services; 2 plumbing issues were something I needed repaired. Paul contacted me and and arrived promptly to see what the issues were…both a result of frozen water that had burst 2 pipes outside. He gave me a quote and I had him come back to make those repairs.Lastly, my bedroom had always seemed to be warmer than the thermostat indicates. Nick noticed the size of the 2 vents in the bedroom and one vent in the bathroom were smaller than the square footage needed. He suggested I have a Comfort Specialist take a look. A few day later Aaron arrived, looked in the attic, ductwork and vents…gave me a quote to increase the size of 3 ducts and those 3 vents…I will have that work performed in the near future.Each service man was prompt, professional and courteous….I rated each of these a solid 5 out of 5!!!
connie manal
connie manal
17:05 06 Aug 20
Very professional friendly seems to know what he’s doing and got the job done we’ll see how the air conditioner holds up from this point thanks for your help have a good day and I rate this guy at a 10. Over all seems to know what he was talking about and house cooling down now. So we may be in good condition.
17:00 06 Aug 20
The service technician, Nick, was extremely courteous, professional, technically competent, and demonstrated excellent knowledge, experience, and outstanding customer service and communicative skills. He was also very mindful of the COVID-19 pandemic and was prepared to wear his mask accordingly. I highly recommend him and Xtreme Air for any of the services they offer and provide. My wife and I are licensed professionals (Real Estate and Home Inspection) and we’re going to share Nick and Xtreme Air to all of our customers and clients who need any of their services. They’re also very honest with their pricing.
Anthony Mitchell
Anthony Mitchell
11:39 06 Aug 20
Scott came back to drain my HVAC pans and was extremely professional and made sure everything was in good working order before leaving. I will ask for Scott from here on out!
Chad Cione
Chad Cione
19:54 04 Aug 20
They were very professional, ontime, very knowledgeable and offered great advice. Will definitely be using them again for other services that they offer! Nick Smith was the tech that worked on my a/c unit. I would recommend him for your HVAC needs!
William David Bridgman
William David Bridgman
04:14 04 Aug 20
Inspection was point on and serviceman found some repairs that needed to be done. He was quick and efficient. Extreme will be my go to in the future.
Bill Loyd
Bill Loyd
00:14 01 Aug 20
Jose and the installation team were polite, efficient and professional. They were careful with our house and left the area clean after the job was completed. We are happy with the result of their work – a cool house.
Mary Frye
Mary Frye
22:39 31 Jul 20
My service from start to finish was amazing! First, Brandon gave me honest feedback about my system and which system fit my needs the best. Mark made sure I had a fair price. The Install manager Robert Thompson and his crew Tim, Shane, Roland, and JD worked super fast to make sure I had A/C by sundown and could sleep comfortably in my home. I highly recommend this company!
De'Andre Carter
De’Andre Carter
00:12 31 Jul 20
Straight forward dealing and reliable.
Nadia Ahmed
Nadia Ahmed
21:16 29 Jul 20
Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan
23:33 28 Jul 20
I highly recommend Xtreme Air!!!!! They were on Time & very professional and they fixed my air conditioner in a very timely fashion…Jason Went above and beyond our expectations and We definitely give him a five star rating!!!
angela Neal
angela Neal
19:40 28 Jul 20
My service tech was great outstanding terrific friendly overall excellence
Alton Ashford
Alton Ashford
13:18 24 Jul 20
Paul Halleck did a great job !
Lafayette Oneal
Lafayette Oneal
20:53 22 Jul 20
Adolfo Davila
Adolfo Davila
03:52 21 Jul 20
You have a great company and very pleasant employees. It’s always a pleasure doing business with you even though it’s painful having to spend a lot of money. But I’m happy with the cost and they were able to work with me so everything’s great. Thank you very much and I certainly will be recommending you to anybody else that needs this type of service.
Gail C. Marshall
Gail C. Marshall
20:12 20 Jul 20
Jim Gillett
Jim Gillett
22:42 18 Jul 20
Xtreme Air ServicesI would recommend them again and againThe Staff was Great from sales on down to the installers. They listened and meet my needs.I have no complaints . And I would use them again.Thank you Xtreme Air Service.!Linda James
Linda James
Linda James
01:04 18 Jul 20
Aaron and Tim and Shane and Juan were outstanding. We had a busted A/C in 100+ degree heat and they came out and installed a Trane system that is working beautifully, along with a completely new 200amp breaker box. Well done guys!
Ken Fenoglio
Ken Fenoglio
00:04 17 Jul 20
We needed a new AC system installed so we got estimates from four different companies. Xtreme was the first company to get a technician, Joey, and a consultant, Brandon, out to our house. They asked questions about what we had and what we wanted, and they took the time to measure the cubic footage of every room themselves with a laser device. They spent the time with us to go over options and what would be best for our home. They were by far the most professional service we contacted, and we would absolutely recommend them if you want the best service possible.
Prancing Ninny
Prancing Ninny
04:33 16 Jul 20
Young Kim
Young Kim
00:31 16 Jul 20
I had a broken A/C in the middle of the night. I called Xtreme and asked for help. I had decided to replace my 26 year old unit before they arrived. The sales associate, Mark, was very helpful. After finding the best unit for my very tight space ( behind my condo) he had the installation team here in no time. The installers were very friendly and professional. The price was very fair too. Quality equipment is more important than price. Thanks Xtreme Air Services.
Liz Naughton
Liz Naughton
21:49 13 Jul 20


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