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Defender LL6170 Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor

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The Defender LL6170 senses CO levels as low as 5 ppm with a digital display feature adding an advanced level of monitoring.

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Defender LL6170 Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor

The Defender LL6170 is a professional quality, sealed lithium battery powered low level carbon monoxide monitor. Continuously displays CO levels detected of 5 ppm or more. Visual alert signals are automatically activated at 9 ppm, and audible and visual alarm signals at 15 ppm. Secure mounting system and non-removable batteries.

The Health Risks of Low CO Exposure
Exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide (under 30 ppm) can cause fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath, memory loss, skin lesions, sweating, and flu-like symptoms. In the long term, exposure to low levels can cause heart disease and damage to the nervous system.

Protect Your Family
Standard carbon monoxide alarms do not automatically display or alarm at CO levels below 30 ppm, and may not be protective enough, especially for sensitive groups. The Defender LL6170 is designed to provide added protection for young children, pregnant women (and their unborn children), older adults, and persons with medical conditions who may be more vulnerable to lower levels of carbon monoxide.

Protect Your Health
The Defender LL6170 automatically displays the current CO level detected as low as 5 ppm, and a red LED flashes if 9 ppm is detected for 10 minutes. The CO monitor beeps every minute if 15 ppm is detected for 60 minutes, and every few seconds if 25 ppm is detected for 30 minutes.

Protect Your Safety
Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless. CO detectors may be inadvertently removed and disabled by guests or children when an alarm is activated but nothing is seen or smelled. The Defender LL6170 includes a secure mounting system, and the factory preinstalled lithium batteries are non-removable.

100% Tested
Made in Canada, the Defender LL6170 is 100% tested at eight different carbon monoxide levels during production, and 100% verified by Quality Control.