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Simply and Effectively Prevent and Handle Drain Problems From Grease


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the saying goes. And when it comes to dealing with drain problems caused by grease, prevention is certainly preferable to the expense and hassle of a professional plumbing repair. Rest assured, however, that if clogged drain clearing and repair is what you need, we can handle it quickly, efficiently and with a level of skill unmatched in the industry.

Perhaps as many as two-thirds of drain blockages results from a buildup over time of greases and fats. And repair work comes with a price. Stopping those blockages from forming is the smartest approach to dealing with drain issues involving grease.

Keep Grease Out Of Drain

Perhaps it’s obvious that you shouldn’t pour any kind of grease down a drain. If it isn’t, understand that grease hardens and solidifies as it cools, and this eventually results in a partial or even complete blockage. But there’s more to preventing grease from going down the drain than avoiding pouring it in. You also must avoid washing greasy containers or plates and instead wipe them down first. And then the paper used to wipe dishes and utensils belongs in the trash, not down the toilet or garbage disposal.

When a drain is blocked, the worst case scenario can be a yard or basement filled with sewage, a real nightmare. That’s when calling a plumbing services company becomes inevitable, plus a disaster recovery company may be necessary to help you clean up the damage to your home.

Video Inspection Can Tell The Tale

If you aren’t sure what’s causing your drain issues, a video inspection can tell the tale. Done by a plumber, a video inspection can identify the cause of clogs so they can be treated and also find leaks, seek out broken lines and more. The camera is simply connected to a plumbing snake and fed into the problem drain. It’s not unusual to find a slurry of grease and other debris in the drain causing or contributing to the problem.

In some cases, a high-pressure washer can be fed into a line to clear away the debris — but wouldn’t it be simpler to avoid getting it there in the first place?

If you’re trying to avoid a grease problem, these tips can help. And if you already have a problem, we can help. Contact us for the plumbing services you need to make your home fully functional again.

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