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The Air Inside My Home Feels Moist, Stuffy or Uncomfortable

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Your home’s HVAC system serves as a dehumidifier as well. When the dehumidification process isn’t working right or you have new sources of humidity in your home, you may experience the feeling that your home is damp, stuffy or uncomfortable. This issue can be tackled in several ways, some of which require the intervention of an HVAC contractor or other professionals.

Here are some of the reasons a home might feel stuffy or humid:

  • 1 The evaporator coils are frozen.
When frost forms on the coils, they can’t do their job as they should. Evaporator coils are designed to take in cold liquid refrigerant from the unit outside and use it to cool the inside of the home. If you notice frost on the coils, it could be because they’re dirty, malfunctioning or about to go out completely. Contact us for professional assistance. We’ll find the reason for the problem and put things right.
  • 2 There's dust, dirt and debris in the system.
Like all mechanical systems, your HVAC system needs to be clean, but keeping it clean isn’t always easy. Your air filters dramatically minimize the amount of contaminants, dust and dirt that get into your system, but they don’t catch everything. Over time, components still get dirty and must be cleaned by professionals. When the outdoor condenser coils in particular are dirty, they can have trouble dissipating heat, creating too much dampness or humidity.
  • 3 There's a new source of moisture in your home.

The humid feeling in your home could be because of changes not related to your HVAC system, including a plumbing leak or water infiltration from outside due to home damage like a leaky roof or rotting windows. In these cases, solving the water infiltration will solve the problem, then the HVAC system can catch up. The system may need cleaning to remove mildew and other contaminants caused by the damp conditions, however you must understand that your home’s HVAC system isn’t a powerful enough dehumidifier for all situations and can’t always keep up with especially high levels of humidity in the air. You may need to consider adding a separate dehumidifier, air filtration system or other components to your system if the problem persists.

No matter the reason for your home feeling stuffy, moist or uncomfortable, we’ll do our best to help. We’ll do whatever we can to get your HVAC system running right and keep it that way.

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